California Wine Trails – Wines and Wineries of California

California Wine Trails – Wines and Wineries of California

California Wine Trails was published for a few reasons.  For one we wanted people to know where to go, what to expect and how to make their wine trail experience all that it can be.  Also, we just enjoy wines and could not help ourselves.  We have wanted to design a blog or a website of a personal nature, wineries we went to, wines we enjoyed.  While some of that will still come through as you read various articles and postings, our goal here is to share what we have and are continuing to learning.  It can be so wonderful to actually be able to speak with the wine-maker.  Whether he/she is the wine-maker for a large wine interest or a little out-of-the-way winery that few folks have even heard of let alone visit.  Well we hope to share some of those little secrets with you here and some California Wines as well.

So honestly, and perhaps a bit selfishly we want California Wine Trails to be a fun adventure for us.  However, we just love to share.  We love sharing wine with friends and associates that enjoy the gift of the vine.  We admit, wine is very much a matter of personal taste.  No problem!  California and her wine-makers provide and abundance of varietals and blends.

California would be the fourth largest producer of wine in the world if it were an independent nation. Do Californian’s enjoy their wines?  Consider this, California ranks first in wine consumption in the U.S., followed by Florida, then New York. California wine has gained world recognition for many fine wines due to the wealth and variety of soil conditions and micro climates that exist here.

Fine wine can be a personal preference and, or a vehicle for investment. Fine wines come from all the best winemaking regions of the world. At the highest end, rare, super-premium wines are amongst the most expensive of all foodstuffs.  There are outstanding vintages from among the best vineyards that may sell for thousands of dollars per bottle. Red wines the ability to form more complex subtleties, are typically more expensive. Some of the most expensive come from Bordeaux and Burgundy. However, some white dessert wines like German trockenbeerenauslese or French Sauternes for example, cost hundreds of dollars for a half bottle. Such premium wines are often at their best years or even decades after bottling.

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Did you realize that there are 107 American Viticulture Areas (AVAs) in California. Each is a distinct wine-grape growing area recognized by the U.S. government, a testament to the variety of microclimates in the state. There are more than 60,000 registered California wine labels.  Let’s travel some of the California wine trails and see how many of  these (not 60,000 labels), but the wineries, the wines and the people that make these wines that we can enjoy together.

Your trip through the California Wine Trails has been arranged more by geographic location in name as opposed to the actual (AVA), or American Viticulture Areas.  This was done so as to make your tour and travels more easy and perhaps familiar.  So, whether you have visited California’s different wine regions a number of times, or, you are just becoming interested in wines.

The world produces a huge assortment and quality of wines.  Let’s travel here together to learn, discover or recall past enjoyable experiences as we walk California Wine Trails together.

Come on!  Let’s get started now.  We certainly hope you enjoy reading about many of the fine wineries through-out California.  As we post articles on a winery, one the wineries wines – have fun.  Go visit some of the wineries themselves.  Our goal is to give you and idea were to start, options for things to do once you have scheduled your little get away.

Come back soon, tell your friends you found our wine-site.  Help us improve the quality of our website by sharing your experiences while traveling on California Wine Trails.  Be it here online, and of course, out there at the many exciting wineries and wine-tasting facilities up-and-down the Golden State. Yes, on the California Wine Trails!

Let’s go out on the California Wine Trails.  We hope to see you there!

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Just a note to our readers that would like to make comments to various posts and pages found in this blog.   California-Wine-Trails focus is on the wines and wineries of California.  We hope our readers will enjoy and come back again because they too enjoy the wines and wineries of California.  No comments that promote child abuse, pornography, illegal drugs or tobacco will be approved.